At my university, there is an online scoring program that is mandatory for all classes. It often collapses, and sometimes even blocks students, making it impossible to perform tasks. It would be easier to teach on paper, where it is certainly possible! Just fill out the part-time registration form! Registration for courses requiring proof of a condition may be delayed until transcripts or evaluation results are received by Western Wyoming. If there is a precondition for a course, please send a copy of an unofficial transcript, closing audit or e-mail investment score to This is necessary before the registration can be completed. Contact Mustang Central at (307) 382-1677 or if you for any questions. This $2,000-a-year scholarship requires applicants to complete the application process to be admitted to Western and visit full-time western. For the rest, students must complete 12 or more credits per semester with a 2.0 CUM GPA. Consortium agreements are not applicable. To apply to Western Wyoming Community College, you must complete your application online.

The second step in admission is to send your official transcript of the high school and all the university or university protocols in which you participate or have participated in the past, including simultaneous registration courses. Western Wyoming is an open registration facility with no specific GPA or ACT requirements to be eligible for registration. It is FREE to apply for Western and there is no deadline for submitting applications, the priority period for scholarships is April 1 of each year. Don`t forget to apply for scholarships before April 1 to get a better chance of getting a better chance of getting help. When I take courses at community school, I have to make a consortium agreement that is frustrating to come and go from colleges with paperwork. Price maintenance: for the future, students must spend at least 12 hours of credit per semester, with a 3.00 CUM GPA for Honors and Performance and a 2.00 CUM GPA for Opportunity. Consortium agreements are not applicable. After being admitted to Western Wyoming Community College, the next step would be to make an appointment with one of our university advisors in our Mustang Success Office. Our counsellors help you organize your class as planned and enroll in the classes you need to succeed and graduate and move to a four-year university or university. .

The cost per hour of credit for students in the state is $139.00 per loan. For the WUE, it is $188.00 and for the state outside, $337.00. Scholarships: Scholarships are free funds that should not be reimbursed as long as students meet the GPA and other requirements.