If you need an interpreter, sign the agreement only if it has been translated. You don`t have to pay for an interpreter. The court makes them available. If the agreement changes a judgment, you must have your signatures certified by a notary. Use the stop/temporary petition/change request form to give the judge all the information he or she needs to change the judgment or order of reference. If you don`t understand something in an agreement, talk to a lawyer before signing it. If the judge does not order a hearing, he will read the agreement and other documents and make a decision. All cases in which the court is asked to amend a judgment or order by agreement require 3 forms. Some types of cases also require other forms. Attach a copy of the order or judgment that the court must amend. You do not always need a hearing to change a judgment or injunction from the estate and family court.

If you and the other party agree on how to change the judgment or order, you cannot approve the agreement. You can click on the box with the inscription “After review and review, the joint petition/request will be submitted by this DENIED and the DISMISSED action.” All you have to do is go to a hearing if the judge orders one. . Enter your details in the agreement. Sign it and date it. If you have trouble getting these forms from the court`s website, save them first on your computer: if you ask the court to change something about your children, you must fill out the lines (1) to (4) as well as the rest of the form. Get the general fact sheet and list of required forms from the Probate and Family Court website and the special forms you need: ..